Michael Tam's Personal Site

Dragonce (IM feature) showcase image

Dragonce Mobile App & Web Platform

Instant Messaging + Business Workflow Builder

Dragonce is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Developer of Dragonce iOS, Frontend & Backend

Develop and maintain the Dragonce iOS App

Draft requirement for new features for Dragonce iOS App

Implement Dragonce Frontend & Backend using PHP, Laravel & JQuery

KEEPoll showcase image

KEEPoll Mobile App

Making classroom interaction even easier!

KEEPoll is now available on the App Store and Google Play.
Download now to easily scan, answer, and manage all of your polls.

Developer of KEEPoll iOS

Designed and implemented iOS KEEPoll mobile client

Designed and set up SQL database and push notification server which serves all KEEP mobile products

Participated in weekly group meeting with a group of ten to report weekly progress and propose new ideas


The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Bsc in Computer Science

IVE (Tsing Yi)


Higher Diploma - Software Engineering


Phone number is not available for contact right now, please find me via email.